How you can help

Make a donation!

Give the gift of a better future! With your help, orphan children are given the opportunity for education and a better life. All donations are used directly for the benefit of children in Zimbabwe. You can support our efforts in a way that works for you!

Become a sponsor

As a sponsor, you are assuring that a gifted Zimbabwean orphan can attend schooling and you will be able to see how your support creates permanent positive changes in the child’s life.

Become a volunteer

The association in Finland operates fully with the help of volunteers, and several volunteers visit and work in our activity center in Zimbabwe each year. Volunteers participate in various projects helping children.

Fundraise for us

Schools and organizations can support our work by fundraising for Zimbabwean orphans. This can give people new perspectives, create a positive sense of a community, and teaches tolerance and caring for others. Supporting a small and practical organization like Dzikwa ensures that the donors can follow and see the fruits of their support with ease.

Become a member

As a member of the association, you can join the association’s activities and help us to help, since the membership fees cover our administrative costs in Finland.

Give a Gift Card

A gift card for Zimbabwean orphans is an ethical and ecological alternative to a material gift.