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You can change the life of a child for good

Meeting for the first time between sponsor and Faith

A sponsor can be a private person, a family, a group, an organization, or even a school. Through sponsoring you will ensure the child’s continued schooling and provide a chance to live a good life. You will also be able to follow the daily lives of Zimbabwean children and see how your support helps to bring about lasting changes in their lives.

The whole community benefits from children’s education

Dzivarasekwa is one of Harare’s poorest neighborhoods. There are an estimated 25,000 children of school age and only 2/3 of them can go to school. Primary schooling costs, even in a state and municipal primary schools. Schoolchildren must also acquire mandatory school uniforms and other equipment and supplies. Orphan’s fundamental rights will not be realized without the support of sponsors. Through education, children have the opportunity to influence their own future and grow into positive changemakers in their own country. By supporting education you will help the most disadvantaged orphan children to break the cycle of poverty.

Sponsorship brings joy to life

By becoming a sponsor you make a meaningful contribution for a better tomorrow. You will have the opportunity to get to know a Zimbabwean child and you will be able to closely follow how your support changes his or her life at the grassroots level. You will regularly get information about our work, and your child’s school achievements, home life, and general life circumstances and events. You are also welcome to visit Zimbabwe!

Sponsorship payments 2018

The fee is paid annually. You will receive an invoice at the beginning of the year by email, which you can pay in installments or as a one time payment.

  • Primary Schools


    • Primary (6-13 years) 410 €

    • junior high school (13-17 years) € 540


  • High School (17+ yr.) State School 710 €

  • Postgraduate training fees vary by educational level and institute, and are always negotiated with the sponsor individually.

Zimbabwe Aids-orphan Society, Nordea, Swift: NDEAFIHH, IBAN: FI76 1745 3000 0616 40, Reference: 1012

Children without a sponsor

Every child in our program is well motivated and goal-oriented pupils. As a sponsor, you are helping to build a better future where children can go to school and get the chance to live a good life. Here’s a list of children without a sponsor and below are the pictures of those whose caretakers have given us the permission to publish them. The caption shows the child’s name, age, and school.


Become a sponsor!

To become a sponsor, please fill out the form below or contact us directly at oili.wuolle (at) In the message field, you can write a short description about yourself, why you want to be a sponsor and if you wish to sponsor a particular child (including name, gender, age, and school degree). We will contact you as soon as possible!