Your role as a sponsor

“Sponsorvisiting” in Zimbabwe

As a sponsor you’ll help to create a fairer world – one in which children receive an education and are cared for. As a sponsor you’ll ensure that your child can continue to go to school. You’ll pay the tuition fees and examination fees and also the levies for teachers, school development and investment. Starting at age 6, practically all the children in our programme go to local government schools. The school year is divided into three terms. Your sponsorship will also pay for your child’s compulsory school uniform, shoes, sportswear and school bag and essentials such as pens and pencils, rubbers, paper, exercise books and notebooks. To find out more about what sponsorship means, please read the Sponsor’s handbook.

We’ll keep you informed about your child and our work

As a sponsor you’ll be able to follow the daily life of a child in Zimbabwe and see how your
support changes that child’s life forever. You’ll receive regular updates about our work, and
about your child’s school progress, home conditions and personal life. And, of course, you
are always welcome to visit us. Tere is more about contact and giving gifts, as well as about
academic performance.

Sponsorship fees

The amount you pay depends on whether the child is in primary, junior secondary or senior
secondary school. If you don’t remember your child’s school level, please ask our secretary Oili
Wuolle at oili.wuolle (at) gmail.com. Also, very important, if you have to terminate your sponsorship,
please let us know as soon as possible so that we don’t send you unnecessary reminders. We
understand that life situations and conditions change.

Pass the word on

We hope that sponsorship will come up to your expectations. We’re a small organisation. In Finland
all work is done by volunteers and, in Zimbabwe, Dzikwa has only a minimal field team on its payroll.
You will be of enormous help if you can spread the word and tell your friends about out programme.
If you need brochures or perhaps a copy of the annual report, just let us know. If you know of a
group that might be interested, e.g. a club, business or school, we’ll be pleased to send an
‘ambassador’ to talk about our work.