Contact and gifts

We’ll send you regular information about your child

You’ll receive about ten Newsletters a year by e-mail or letter. A valuable source of information
about our programme’s work as a whole is the Annual Report, which we mail to all sponsors by the
end of May at the latest. Please make sure we have both your e-mail and street address. We will
never give your contact information to the child or his/her guardian without your permission. Once a
year we’ll send you an updated report about your child and his/her progress in school. This report
includes a summary based on an interview with the child. The interviews are conducted by our field
officer together with volunteers. Please let us know if you do not understand English. In that case,
we’ll have the necessary information translated into Finnish first. Click here for Academic

You can follow our work in the field via Facebook or the News section of our website.

Contact with your child

The child you sponsor will write to you now and then. The letter will be in English. The smallest
children will probably send drawings. The child may express a wish for something in the letter
(sometimes at the request of their relatives) but we would ask you not to give the children gifts in
this way, certainly not anything big, as it might cause envy. Instead, please get in touch with the
programme directors, who will advise you what to do. Remember that mail to and within Zimbabwe
is slow and unreliable. You are already giving the child the biggest gift of all – the chance to go to
school. In your reply, tell your child about your daily life and family and about what’s happening in
Finland. Children love receiving photographs and often put them in place of honour on the wall of
their home.

The most reliable address in Zimbabwe:

Dzikwa Trust Fund
PO Box HG 916
HighlandsHarare, Zimbabwe

You can also send messages via e-mail to our field officer Levita Chenera at
levitachenera (at) That way you can send small attachments, e.g. photos, but max. 500 kB.
Our Internet connections are still slow and suffer from electricity cuts. You can also send letters to
our project directors, Seppo Ainamo and Oili Wuolle, who’ll take them along the next time they go
to Zimbabwe. Write to oili.wuolle (at) or seppo.ainamo (at) to find out their
timetable. They usually leave Finland for Zimbabwe about half way through January, April and

Children’s gifts are best bought in Zimbabwe

Blessing with a sponsor donated bike

If you want to give your child a gift, we recommend that you send money. Then the children can
choose what they’d really like, plus you’ll be supporting local enterprise. You’ll receive a thankyou
photograph showing what the money was spent on. Simply deposit a sum, say, €20-50, in the
Society’s bank account (Zimbabwe AIDS Orphans Society, Nordea, SWIFT: NDEAFIHH, IBAN: FI76
1745 3000 06016 40, ref. no. 1203), and let Levita at levitachenera (at) know who the
money is for, how much you are giving, and any special wishes you may have regarding the gift. As
well as supporting local businesses, you’ll be helping to reduce the Society’s transportation load and
thus its carbon footprint.

Visiting Zimbabwe

You are very welcome to Dzivarasekwa to spend time with your child, see how our programme
works in practice and visit some of the amazing sights Zimbabwe has to offer. You should discuss the
best time to come and the length of your stay with Seppo or Oili well beforehand because every visit
calls for various arrangements regarding meeting visitors, accommodation, and transport. It’s
possible to spend just a short time, say one week, here but normally we recommend at least a
couple of weeks. There’s more about staying in Dzivarasekwa in the Handbook for Volunteers and Interns.